Open Source Platforms

Open Source Platforms for Teaching & Learning

As a Linux systems administrator and web developer I have installed, migrated, upgraded, configured and customized a wide variety of open source platforms --including Moodle and WordPress. I am proficient at:

  • Configuring VMs hosted in-house as well as with external vendors such as Linode and Google Cloud Platform;
  • Installing LAMP and other stacks;
  • Administering Ubuntu 16.04 and RHEL/Centos 7;
  • Building custom interfaces using PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS;
  • Migrating, backing up, querying and fixing MYSQL databases;
  • Writing Bash shell scripts to ensure consistency in repetitive tasks;
  • Utilizing CRON to automate system processes.

Here is a small sample of the platforms I have built and maintained.



WordPress Open Source CMS

System specifications:
Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache HTTP server.

More information at  https://wordpress.org/


KOHA Open Source Library Platform

System specifications:
Linux (Ubuntu or Debian), Apache HTTP server, MySQL, Perl.

More information at  https://koha-community.org/



Blacklight Open Source

System specifications:
Linux, Ruby, Rails, Solr, nodejs, Phusion Passenger.

More information at  http://projectblacklight.org/


Solr Open Source NoSQL Database

System specifications:
Linux, Java.

More information at  https://lucene.apache.org/solr/



Bibframe Open Source Library Platform

System specifications:
Linux, Apache HTTP server.

More information at  https://www.loc.gov/bibframe/docs


Omeka Open Source Digital Library Collections

System specifications:
Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, PHP, ImageMagick.

More information at  https://omeka.org/classic/

Disclaimer: I installed and migrated Omeka and added the students and faculty as super users. The students customized these systems.