Don't Know Wizard

Multiple Solutions to a Recurrent Problem

I developed these solutions for an internal department that had taken their previously customer-facing process online and were experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of mistakes.  The department requested online training to help teach administrators how to use the new, multipurpose administration form. 

My initial learning needs analysis revealed that there was confusion because the new system determined which form to display based on the option selected at the very start, and Administrators often needed additional assistance in order make the correct initial selection.  Unfortunately, there was no mechanism within the system to ensure that people were completing the correct form.

Therefore, in addition to creating an online course, I also developed the Don’t Know Wizard to help the Administrators make decisions about the first option up front, without having to take the entire course –thus saving time.

After some time, I conducted follow-up surveys with both the department and their customers to assess the learning solutions' effectiveness. The department did see a reduction in the number of incorrectly completed forms, and many customers confirmed that they found the Don’t Know Wizard helpful. A small portion of customers reported that they also completed the online course.


The Don't Know Wizard

The Don't Know Wizard

Using branching techniques, the Don’t Know Wizard displayed a single question at a time and determined the next question to ask based on the previous answer.

In about four to five questions, it was able to determine the best option for the customer to select when answering the first question on the online form. 

Video Assistant on Demand

Video Assistant on Demand

The online course provided learners with a simulated environment in which to practice using a new online form.

Since this was the first e-learning module to be developed for this audience, I incorporated a personal touch in the form of an online video assistant –a role played by a real staff member from the department requesting the training.

Due to budget constraints, I designed the course so short segments of video would play only if the learner clicked a Helping Hand icon to request clarification of a technical term. I worked closely with the client department’s staff to identify which terms would need explanation and also to produce an accurate script.

This allowed the video to be recorded in short clips, totaling a few minutes of the entire course, and we were able to save money by saving production time.