Interactive Video With Overlay Slides: 1

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Interactive Video With Overlay Slides: 1

A Short Course Sample


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Are You Ready to Learn?

Tips for Successful Learning in a Bustling Environment

Time: 3 Minutes

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Are You Ready to Learn? is a three-minute-long, learning nugget that runs along a video timeline interspersed with interactive activities. I achieved this in just twelve slides using interactive video with overlay slides.

Overlay slides are a new feature in Adobe Captive 2019. They allow you to place interactivity at preallocated points throughout a video using only a single slide, and no Advanced Actions.

Increased interaction, and thereby engagement, while decreasing development time! That, to me, sounds exciting.  

I also feel that it opens an opportunity to create a more natural, story-like flow between the video and other areas of the lesson since they become more closely intertwined.

I wanted to investigate further so, I obtained the rights to a polished, yet generic, audio-free video, and experimented.  (I'm sure YouTube videos or other free sources might work just as well.)

Are You Ready to Learn? is the result of that experiment. 


Credits: background music from, composed by ispeakwaves.