Interactive Video with Overlay Slides: 2

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Interactive Video with Overlay Slides: 2


Are You Ready to Learn?

Tips for Successful Learning in a Bustling Environment

Time: 3 Minutes

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New in Adobe Captivate 2019, overlay slides enable you to add a slide to a specific frame along an interactive video's Timeline.  

When the video is playing, and it reaches that frame, it pauses, and the slide appears as an overlay.

The video resumes when the overlay ends.  It may continue from where it left off or from another bookmarked frame along its Timeline (either back or forward).

Adobe provides an excellent example in the Resources section of Adobe Captivate 2019. It's called 2019 Release - Interactive Video.

Following a similar technique,  I created Are You Ready to Learn?

In this article, I'll discuss some of the questions which led me to experiment with overlay slides, and the answers I discovered through testing.


Bookmarking Overlay Slides

Q Can an overlay and a bookmark exist in the same location along the Timeline such that it is possible to jump directly from one overlay to another?


Initially, I created bookmarks and overlays separately. Then, I accidentally added a bookmark by double-clicking a frame that was already inhabited by an overlay, and "voila!" I had a bookmarked overlay.

I also followed the same process to add overlays to existing bookmarks.


overlays and bookmarks along the timeline in Adobe CaptivateDiamond-shaped overlays and square bookmarks positioned along the Timeline.


Overlay Slide Backgrounds

Q Are overlays slides required to have a background?


These images illustrate the effect of overlays slides with and without backgrounds. As you can see, backgrounds create a focal point and can be visually appealing, but they are not essential.

Overlay slide without a background

An overlay slide without a background.

Overlay slide with a transparent background

An overlay slide with a transparent background to emphasize the text.


Scored Quiz Questions (Not Knowledge Checks)

Q How can I add scored quiz questions to overlay slides?

Create custom quiz questions using buttons, smart shapes, and Custom Actions (and possibly JavaScript too).

This image shows custom scored quiz questions I added to some of the overlay slides. In this situation, the scoring does nothing (because they are acting as knowledge checks), but it is possible.


quiz reporting options in a custom quiz question.

A custom quiz question with quiz reporting options.



Q Do animations work on overlay slides?


Perfectly. No problems. No workarounds.

These images show animations on overlay slides.


An overlay slide with animationsOverlay slide with animations.


An overlay slide with animationsOverlay slide with animations.


Audio and Closed Captioning

Q Can audio and closed captioning be added to overlay slides separate from the main video audio?


As you can see from the image, overlay slides can have dedicated audio and closed captions. When the video pauses to display the overlay slide, its audio pauses as well, and its closed caption disappears.

The overlay slide's audio takes over (very smoothly), as does its closed captions.


Audio and closed captioning in an overlay slideClosed captioning and audio narration on an overlay slide.

I found it necessary to add a single space caption to the point on the main Timeline just before the overlay. Otherwise, when the video resumed, the last caption on the main Timeline flashed briefly before being updated.